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tone in the suspensory structures is commonly the ultimate
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sorry that he saw fit to make it as short as he did. I am sorry
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sible every year for the greatest number of deaths from
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mortem theatre, when seeking the explanation of sudden death, and
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done and if this were positive two or three injections of salvarsan should
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secretory, and other tissues, and said, however, that
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newer methods such as patient-controlled analgesia and
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us to form a more favorable, prognosis in those cases
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nternally without a division externally was impossible. The use of the word
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has not spread there. Typhus appears, for the most part, in casual out-
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neath its posterior surface was seen the appendix, not free, but
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sudden change by the action of the heart and arteries. Those
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can truly say that his nasal obstruction has been re-
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Rabbits 55 and 56. — On June 25, they were injected intracranially with
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scope may show that emigration of white blood-corpuscles has already actively
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obtained great relief, but after a time I had to re-open the os uteri, and
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The cured college man continued all his life to believe
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ing wax. Glass rods rubbed with silk, exhibiting some-
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were removed. At last the aurist refused further to treat the case, and re-
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its therapeutical department goes, will well repay a careful
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dropsy of the ventricles or substance of the brain causes flattening of the
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by other speakers, and remarked in conclusion that, without continuous care
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an immediate indication of the presence of this principle, by the production of
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without perforation, prolapse into the uterine rent, about 30 per cent,
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in the ears, defective hearing, vertigo, visual troubles, itching, dead fingers,
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and invites him to give to the world what the results were. Con-
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uterus.] Przegl. lek., Krak6w, 1885, xxiv, 557; 570. —
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B— Agents which affect the substance J crease action of \ J), sjiinal cord,
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of peritoneal adhesions must necessarily be reduced. As
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institutes held under the management of county superin-
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demonstrated the lymph-hearts in the frog, the function of
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flammatory process with beginning of atrophy. Disinfection
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to report at this time as to the effect that this treatment has ou
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also from its front, and sure enough such was the case. A
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ethylamine in healthy persons resemble the clinical features of
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look for lesion in the upper dorsal region, usually