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pressure. He died exhausted by abscesses and bed-sores about eiglit

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it comes on suddenly, followed by shock and muscular rigidity.

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been described is borne out by protection experiments in mice as well

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cities of the Old World, but from the New World also ; and-

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vesicles are translucent, lack inflammatory characteristics, and

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affection, the following general considerations are to be kept in view.

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though neither lime or magnesia were detected, after boiling,

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temples, were affected. The patient denied all histor}- of

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2d. She did not want the operation made, and declared to the doctors

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bladder are those favoring the shedding of the epithelium

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the body — in the serous and mucous membranes, and in most of the

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detailed, are doubtless entirely attributable to the irritation of chicken-

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escaped from them, so as gradually to bring the hemispheres down to the

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Orcin Test (Bial's Modification of Tollens' Test). The reagent

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does not occur; the most common of these after-effects are perma-

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found on dissection, promoted the metamorphosis of the blood, they

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essential duties necessary to the successful carrying on of the war. It

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and the presence of streptococcal septicaemia as indicated by positive

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On January 16th last, I was called to see a boy named Matthew

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identical to those of Kress & Owen Co., and with labels worded ver-

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Muriate of Jhnmonia iti large doses in Phthisis Pulmonalis. — A^ young

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which is an inability to work as long or as intensely

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their conversion into, or replacement by, fibroid tissue. The change is

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Nursing Mothers: Milk in lactating rats contains radioactivity following administration of ,4 C enalapril maleate. It is not

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contained within the yeast cell. The disintegration of the yeast cell,

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and mushroom poisoning, to alcohol and to chloroform, to fright, and

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February 15th. Tetanic symptoms increased. Respiration more labored — no evacuation

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fault on the most close examination. I have already seetr much, that

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procidentia uteri, is the absence of those stomach symptoms

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one lung, though some have advocated it when there is such a cavity in

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hundred and seventy Illustrations. Philadelphia, Blanchard and Lea. 1857.

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mischief, and she was operated on by Mr Wade, the caecum being

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with which he was afflicteil ; and it was stated in evidence

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who dropped down dead in the street. She had suffered five

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land), 1916, and Venereal Disease Act, 1917. — By order of


that the diarrhoea, so prevalent during an epidemic of cholera,

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any other measures have been previously adopted for her safety or for that

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Fatal cases injected on the third day of the disease :