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it Abfterges or cleanfes, and induces their healing :
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ticularly fitted and which he adorned up to the time of his death.
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fonnerly. It was not the exercise that did this. It is purely psychic.
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He was the son of Roderick White, a native of Springfield,
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ing anxiety about him, visited him early on Sunday morning-
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To the President and Fellows of the Connecticut Medical Society .■
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feveral fmall Stalks, of very fine cut Leaves, almoft
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ISTow from this light fonn of exercise, of course, we have gone on,
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do his work so well. The boss told him at this time that he would
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latter point with closed forceps above the upper edge of the adductor
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Rogers, Doct. Samuel Mather, Doct. Thomas Coit, Doct. Joshua
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of Rofes, viz. 1. Rofa fativa , Rofa Horten fis , the
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eliminants are not without value, but they should not be
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cept that the Roots, Stalks, Leaves, Branches , and
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will blot those sections out from our statute books and let
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concern’: g the fame, astoits Goodnefs and Value,
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ing deep into the Ground ', and fpringing again frefh
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trouble will return if we do not, but, as in this case we are treat-
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admirable Flower, called the Marvel of Peru, or the
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The uterus has no very close anatomical connection with the
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of a whit.fii green Color, fpottedwith reddiffi Spots
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the Ground , it is in its Stalks and Leaves a little
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pneumonia is the treatment of an overworked, overdistended
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fmall knotted Joints like Beads , growing upon them
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gies’ Wc. Given in Pennyroyal-Water , or in its own
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approximate itself to the posterior wall of the pharynx. The
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to quench Thirfl, abate the heat of the molt violent
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