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veyed the idea that the artery was filled with milk, water, or
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ing as a powerful diaphoretic and causing a fall of temper-
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an acute attack, not only is the conventional change of air desirable, but
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Urology Clinical Didactic Conference, third Tuesday, 5:00 p.m., UAMS Urology Office, Room 2S08
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is danger of provoking fresh hemorrhage, and in such
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involvement of the leg, arm, and face. Now the centres
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whether all cases which present Banti's symptom-complex should be classed together.
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at the latest, gave me information that my man had, during
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trephine, and the depth of the cut should be more frequently ascertained."
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the Prince of Wales always wears a sachet filled with
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Post'Dispatch : " To Surgeons and Foot-ball Players.
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two, three, and four hours, with so much greater safety
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(1) From the date of admission, March 14, to April 29, when the
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the caries. After some days the abscess suppurated in the upper
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ations. They set up an elaborate process for determining the
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der, as in 1 Sam. x\x. 14. va^tavimus — 2 Sam. xx\\. 10. spoliuntlum, ie. — In the
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is clearly traceable with the naked eye. Some, on the contrary,
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Of course we've got what you want! — then it only
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stage in the course of tubercular meningitis a slow, irregular pulse is often
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The fact announced in this proposition, while it sustains the
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As treatment on February 25 diarsenol was injected intravenously, 0.2 gm. ;
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Treves ( British Medical Journal, May 12th ), in a paper on The Wounded
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gist and neurologist. A careful consideration of the
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Venous engoi^ment, moreover, leads to one of the most impo]>
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of a large quantity of clear, or yellowish-tinted urine, generally of
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tity of new bone in the position of the ramus and body. Mr. Paget
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became free and descended intoUsnaturalpositionisnoteworthy.
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Emergency Medical Abstracts at Sheraton Universal, Los Angeles.
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prevents my going into greater detail, but I make this appeal principally
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