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bert, C. W. Donald. E. G. Ford, A. T. Gailleton, C. H. G Gard, \V. A.

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child coughed. The distal portion was translucent. The head

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The patient, a young native of about 22 years of age, came

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impracticable to obtain .direct information from each of them

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Grimshaw. Dr. Spotti!5woocle Cameron, Dr. E. Galton, Dr Bridgwater,

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Branch on the Council of the Association for the ensuing year. Members

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Incubation Period. — The incubation period of small-pox is

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auditory meatus and the jugular and anterior condylar foramina, and

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Oxide Gas. Dr. Francis Hawkins : Two Cases of Chronic

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sister, who, with other children, the eldest of whom was

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The water supply for drinking purposes as well as for the

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relief to, or recovery from, the paraplegia ; this is supported

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without causing hsemorrhage. There was no rise of tempera-

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son, J. Priestley, W. J. Richardson, J. Robertson, J. W.

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and then put them under the care of house-surgeons and

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marked patch of Keloid, the size of a small nut, over the left

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Looking at the 146 cases, we' find that 89 wete among

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We liave received letters from Dr. Geo. Willett fKeynsham) and Dr.

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