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weak. He had always been well, except that for a num-

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ants. These are supplemented, as occasion requires, by extra

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he read contained histories of a number of cases from

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The expectoration of laminated casts of the bronchial tubes is an

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Major Delafield, than what I saw, in striking contrast to them, during

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Improvement continued in the three cases, and after the

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The duration of the disease is variable. Shortness of its career is a dis-

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out this equable, universal, and constant pressure, could the

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is formed in man than in rabbits in proportion to the

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showing typical contracted kidney from subcutaneous injury of the kid-

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horses. Small injections are made into the jugular vein of the horse

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be utilised for other purposes, such as for the rapid fusion of

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emphasized ; and the viability of the V4rus in blood kept in an ice chest

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from bronchitis, which is a result of the extreme venous congestion of the

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lin-co-plfr'ci-ij). [Gr. AewSf white -f- '^^ plate. J

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0.05 gm. (5 gr.) to 0.2 gm. (3 gr.). He found it useful in those

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College of Surgeons of England in the winter 1917-1918, in

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guage, without previous opportunity to elaborate the

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^^*^ider these degenerations (except where the softening is due to

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strong evidence of the disease. In two, the diagnosis was

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writer says, "According to W'allis, 'smallpox, yel-

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The alterations met with affect the nails in their texture, shape, and

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walls of the chest. The occurrence of bronchophony and bronchial res-

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Does the publication in a work by a medical man of observa-

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There are two operations of great interest to the obstetrician, both of

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"had ever occurred, or seemed likely to occur, from such a cause. As

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some octavo volume of G56 closely-printed pages. Extra cloth, $4 60 ; leather, %b ^.

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much success. It is therefore probable that these ornaments will go on

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of puitary extract; this again stimulated that John Goodman reported an instance in

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An Important Legal Decision in Medical Consultations. — The

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cervical lymph node above the cla^'icle was remo\ed for histological

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been intimated, too, that this essential factor is effective

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Director - general after three years' service in the appointment

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One should point c that the degree of mutual intelligibility differs

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which disappear when the constitutional symptoms subside. On

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yet it sometimes happens that the new excitement awakens renewed

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