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Night going to Bed, in a Glafs of Oxyme /, or White
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without sectioning the posterior roots. All these men report cases
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is contained pale reddifh Seed, like unto the Neapo-
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tics, such as varied degrees of virulency, may possess certain selective
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the Stalks alfo are harder , and (baked or cornered,
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Pinel ^^ direct our attention to the fact that the great splanchnic
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nothing from the laft, but in the fpiked heads, which
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heat and whisky, one ounce, and the foot of the bed was elevated. By
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copal Church of Burnside. He leaves a wife and one daughter.
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green color •, at the top of which Stalk, which bends
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with a red Pulp within > which when the Berry is
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This White Kind for its Leaves like the former, but
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to be given in Angelica Water, in the fumy, or lar-
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the edges: There is another fort of this Plant winch
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p if aver is erratic i, Diofcoridis & Baubini -, Our 1
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" When I began the practice of medicine I thought it nay duty
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to meet him not unfrequently in cases which were difficult,
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proper conception of his own powers. He had a happy way of
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ting and Pilling Blood, and any other Flux of Blood,
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ally appear to signify their determination to defend this inher-
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severe or as frequent as the previous ones. Since then he pre-
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Clyflers, it loofens the Belly, and is good againfl
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comes up a tali ltrong Stalk, which, when it is full
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from the feet of some of our distinguished men. But is there
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individual toward the treatment. The great desideratum of
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ven in greater quantity, and may ferve as a general
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nificance may be reached and an early diagnosis made. No attempt
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larger than Lavender-flowers, which being paf away ,
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England ; they grow , flourifti, and come to perfe-
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to the end of May, at which time they begin to fade,
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great thick and bulbous Root , full- of Sub fiance ;
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Decotlion in Water or Wine is hut and dry, and con-
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Ebuhtion ceafes , after which Evaporate the ■ humi-
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dren, it becomes in the nervous an irresistible habit, and is considered
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like unto a Bell-flower, confif ing but of one leaf,
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