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the maximum growth is reached in a shorter time, and the culture dies out in

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the withdrawal of the disturbing stimulation, resume and preserve

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patches, and the like : a dyscrasia, that is to say, of limited distribution,

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Prognosis. — In case of light infection, the patient may not be incon-

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of the Liverpool Anti-vivisection Society, considering that the English

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tion was to give one attack of small-pox and have done with it; vaccination was

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writing is gravely affected, (b) that there has been overwork with the

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but they are rare. Desquamative nephritis or renal degeneration

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ceral disease, combinations of gout and syphilis, late

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margins, string-like or other shaped exudations on their surface, etc. etc.

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It may be worth while to point out that the distress

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on the right side. Stadtfeldt's statistics show the same.

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in the first stage of pneumonia the lung is congested. I have been in

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monia, chronic adenitis, tubercle, and other morbid sub-

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stimulants in plague cases. They may be given in coml)ination with

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unilateral paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve as an outward and

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J., Loud., 1892, i, 326. — Maisuriants (S. A.) Shum

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05 it necessary to discuss the importance of laryngoscopy.

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[34] Widal, Abrami et Brissadd. Sem. med., 1913, lii, p. 613.

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