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coagulation of the blood is not the only aim, the sac itself

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come contractured — represents the equilil>rium of the

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below the lesion are de«renerated, antl the posterior horns may be almost

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imbecility. To a greater or less extent this is due to causes other than

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there was at that time paralysis of the nasal portion of

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enough. The uterus came without the least difficulty ;

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epithelium in the palms and soles called "pits" and "seeds" are best

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1. Degeneration of the muscle, as in pseudo-muscular hy-

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panic membranes intact ; the left was opaque, the right normal. There was

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comes a cause of weakness, and 2ndly, because the passage

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cases of scarlet fever whose return was followed l)y the eight cases of di])htheria

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a new, direct, and important i?idication for the use of wine in typhus

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PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Weight, height, temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pres-

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groups of cases already before the medical public, and

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live. Go and kill yourself," etc. Frequently there was a

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of management. What concerns us at present is not so much the dis-

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experiments were made on muriate of lime, triturated with

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arbitrary fixed standard a malposition. The truth seems

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Case XXIX.* — Three attacks of Apoplexy — The first dependent on He-

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Calculate the mischief that they will produce? It were better for mankind had they

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good of the community, and the advancement of the professiour

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In one case the diagnosis was made in a rather unique

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frequently injured in this manner. Cases have occurred where a

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. Increased sensation of warmth, especially in the face ; 6th

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embracing tonic remedies, with attention to diet, clothing, exercise, etc.

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he suffered from cerebrsd symptoms, and died from coma