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obliged to treat these patients in their homes depending upon the family for

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ties of lead, which was undoubtedly the cause of the metallic poisoning.—

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clusions that it is a good diuretic and well tolerated. Doses of one-

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and the satisfactory illustration of disease, by affording, to the stu-

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fever — and other marks, that he had typhus icterodes. He died on the

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of much consequence," Dr. G. remarks, "to be regular in the administration

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tion of the intestinal epithelium did not suffer to some extent

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matism), and yet no attrition-sound or other murmur can be de-

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But we can not help feeling that there is some prospect that

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95. Reeling and stumbling, as when landing after rowing in a

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moval of SCAT tissue is demanded. Irritable stricture, where every passage

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forceps or wool mops, the underlying mucous membrane is usually found

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him any further information on the matter. Besides, no mention was made in

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placed at opp)osite jx)les of the cell. Rogers succeeded in cultivating these

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Why? Simply because of the low grade medical schools, with little


over the circulation of the blood exists in the brain, spinal cord,

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bling at least those of arteriosclerosis, and who cre-

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the records of cases where I abstracted blood freely, and gave antimony in

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ulation of bovine bone cell proliferation by fibroblast growth

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between the shoots depends upon the activity of the kidney. The

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rib, on expiration, the right side of the chest measured \T\°g

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tion that is needed, and it is just because such cases as these are of rather

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city to listen to its medical teachers. A faculty of philosophy

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verified by thousands of judicious physicians during the past few years.

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it is best seen in the hand and fingers when outstretched, or in movements

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acidity is the result, or effect, of muscular contrac-

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characters. The relative importance of each of these criteria is

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Present Symptoms. — Dizziness. Deaf, pain and headaches for past three years.

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Properties. — A fine, yellow powder, without odor or taste. Solu-

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Exposure out of doors had, however, a decided determining effect.

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caci6n acerca de un uuevo recurso terapfeutico en el

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fort, to a perilous onslaught of remittent or intermittent fever,

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not easy to comprehend. The probability, therefore, is

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committee report on the above-mentioned twenty-four eases, on this

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or is arrested, if the bladder can be kept healthy, and if bedsores

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nounced broadening of the lower part of the dulness, it is certainly more suggestive

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which, together with the support afforded by the ocular

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the formation of an opinion. What is the line of conduct to be pursued on

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Where he has a patient showing a well-established, complete fistula, he