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(7) Dilation of the Sphincter Muscles. — 'In some cases when the piles

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for its incidence particularly falls upon the labourer, the sailor, the

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exposure to moderate oxygen deficiency may produce more profound

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sentatives of the State of Pennsylvania that on the first day after

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vagina ; a vagina entirely lacking in sensibility, with relaxed,

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In short the minds of the masses have been led to think about health

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the patient and examined his eyes. The following are Dr. Mathewson's notes :

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fully sutured ; an iodoform tampon was introduced, but

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the site where the graft was taken from the left tibia. The origin of

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speaking, however, of much larger doses than are to be

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The bark dried in the sun he found still more active. A stout

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with an excessive secretion of mucus of an acrid watery character, which

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being rapidly produced and rapidly removed, a view which is not

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seated in the intercellular liquid, even in the blood

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jects may look, or how they may improve under treatment in aspect

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tion from the general cavity did not exist, the septic

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tary; Dr. W. R. Bagley, chief of -surgery; Dr. S. H.

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1883 in Italy by means of subcutaneous injections of a virus as

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be detected. Inasmuch as his theory rests upon the presence of biliary

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considered, neither of which indeed is likely to cause much difficulty. In

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and Falemian wine ; while at the villa of LucuUus at Tusculum, or

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of Madame La Chapelle, fifteen times in forty-three

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to prevent it from extending to the bronchial passages. How-

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evidence in support of all the positions which our author has

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be discovered at the post-mortem examination. It is to be regretted that

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skin discoloured — that is, in those in whom steady and good. He is now considered

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succeeded, also, in saving a narrow strip of healthy periosteum, varying

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to be settled, and the one which it seems would be con-

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vallier and Boys de Loury, in Paris, led to the conclusion that such an

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ments from its practicing physicians than any other country in the world.

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of an ingenious little needle-director which Dr. Jarvis

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the spot left will not be white, but jellow. Sometimes the urine is

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operations I have not dealt, nor have 1 entered into

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remain for consideration. Everything which can be sub-

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is happening all over the country, entailing losses of many hundreds of

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ciation are the establishment by legislation* of the proper

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w'ss, being confined (as far as tlu're was otrnsion U>