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enable him to surround himself with every comfort, and if it did not

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The largest experience shows that it does not extend, like

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Note : The Section on Pediatrics and the Section on

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cut off from the central nervous system. Except by vision the animal

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by it. Tobacco is a more certain and potent remedy than Opium, the kttcr being a

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condition of the brain, which gives rise to the disease. A strict

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on the earliest stage of phthisis, that namely of tubercular deposition j

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with anal atresia, MRI can define accurately the level of

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obtained from cultures taken directly from animals that have demon-

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menses, in females, is also said to be capable of producing perito-

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Dr. S. alludes to the converse fact, namely: that there would appear to be

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fire-place is an excellent means of ventilation. The

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to the thighs and to the bladder, and was increased by the least movement. The attack

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only 48 in a minute, and was even still smaller and weaker. In the

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more frequently than those in which it is rarely or never seen. He^

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the Board to supplement the cost. But with a climate so moist

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inflammation of the lungs, ') — marasmus, .3 — necrosis, 1 — old age, 2 — paralysis, .5 — pueqjcral

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mixed into a paste, at the time of using, with white of egg and

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has adopted the German rule of applying the forceps to the sides of the

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these should be removed. This can best be done b}- the

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about 11 a. m. January 27. with vomiting. He saw her first

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in large quantity, to a pregnant female. To confine the term ;noxiou there

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the confusion which has arisen from attaching separate names to each

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This is made up of a brief statement of " those facts illustrating the progress

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longis, plerumque 1-2 ramosis alternates, ramis convergentibus vel divergentibus,

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of small uteri, two had general ptosis with decided nephroptosis,

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amount of effusion, though cases are recorded — of the congenital type

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that is, in one out of 695 cases. In the first two years of the

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scheme has been drafted with the object of meeting the

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into consideration the food of the existing precibiculturists.

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in digitaline that if they watch the results carefully, I believe they

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substance caused, in the majority of cases, considerable softening