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straining, which is violent; but distressing rather than painful.

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results have been uniform. Within the round cells which characterize

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proved by the microscope, before commencing radical

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Aragao and Neiva (1909). Memorias do Institute Oswaldo Cruz.

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ing that the Medical Council have it in contemplation to edit a new edi-

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given in divided doses during the twenty-four hours, with

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of the functions of the nervous system which it exhibits? A no less interest

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to any other qualifications mentioned in the Medical Acts.

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Charlotte A. Rollins, M. D., has removed from East Boston to ^^ladison,

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mitted a certain percentage of pecuniary damage to the

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five periods ; two of these being occupied by the im-

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ferent parts of his body. To use his expression, he is

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ment of screens by which the light is cut off alternately

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serious that it is a little hard to understand how they

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^e t^al qaestinntl^ mnc^ s^all learn mac^. — Baeon»

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of this method, seem to place special weight on the

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like ammonium carbonate cause an increase of glycogen in the liver.

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neau expects the whole system of medicine is going to be flung

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plegia of cerebral haemorrhage and of cerebral embolism ; they are usually

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gave the history of the origin of mortality statis-

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head of his country's medical periodicals. Dublin tivated as a science. Brit, and fbr. Med.-Chirurg.

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rounding soil. The researches of the State Board of

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be confessed, about which much might be written, but to de-

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eggs, ducks, pigeons, fish. The better off the family happens to

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these methods " to make their own disclosures." Surely

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Jour., October 16, 1920, cxii, No. 16, p. 570), the latter believing

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side of the body and of the opposite side of the face. It is in such cases,

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mere lymph, which, from defect of vascular action, does not become

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tion of the articular surface, whether it be necessary to ex-

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each other freely in every direction. Thin-walled blood-ves-

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of cosmical force, which reacts harmoniously with all companion agencies in

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of tlie crura cerebelli ad cerebrum. Other fibres, forming

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The Pathology, Clinical History, and Diagnosis of Affections of the

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result of Dr. Belcher's own experience has been given

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nourishment from the very commencement of the disease. He may have