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rheumatic diathesis and the actual occurrence of rheumatism in the

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William Matthew Warren, at his home in Detroit, Mich., Novem-

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inoculated persons, the proportions are entirely reversed and

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very marked ; large masses of closely adherent lymph at base of brain and on medulla

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which is generally understood to be a carbonate and phosphate of


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In view of the marked success of this experiment there is no

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in 1761. In 1759 Barry's second book was pubhshed in London.

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spheroid ; and since the angle, as measured low down on the

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exaggerated ; vomiting took place repeatedly during the whole

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The value of antifyretics in febrile and inflammatory

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that time ; the hemorrhages ceased. In a few weeks she

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or plump for Free Trade in Medicine. It is nearly fifty years

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tion of the foramen of Magendie is also a cause. In these cases the accumu-

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contraction of infection about May 13. The total number of cases in

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A pretty complete account is given of the vesical mole, and