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thymol may be taken at 6 a. m. and the second at 8 a. M. ; two hours

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meeting of the British Medical Association at Bournemouth

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Committee will give a conversazione in the Art Gallery.

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4 gallons of water, at a temperature of 115° F., or even 120° F., should

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severe septicemia, and the infecting organisms may be isolated from

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The Court granted the application, and imposed a fine of 203. under the

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annum, with board and residence. Applications to John R. Stone,

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£3,012 ; William Rutherford (Physiology), £i,;:jl ; Alexander Crum Brown

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delivered on June 14th, in the Senate House, by Professoir

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lation may be found higher up — at the hip-joint. Similarly, a child

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diseases are characterized by intense streptococcemia.

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the subject — which has, at all events, the merit of novelty

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with wliieh the heart responded to the increased strain put

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blood. It is by the iron which the blood contains that we breathe,

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mained fltting so closely to the face that air could not enter

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There is no indication of angular curvature or of abscess. In the dorsal

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its effect, and in some cases it may require to be repeated at intervals

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They are also charged with producing what is called elephantiasis of

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