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has never met with any difficulty in manipulating on the
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period of time (from seven to forty-five days) for the absence of the
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» Cenlralblatt f. Chirurgie, 1880, No. 17, p. 265.
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"Within a few years the medical profession have been made acquainted,
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orrhythmio, polpitotion, ond increosed blood pressure. One published report
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the electrical resistance of the human body. By using
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some places small vessels, seen in transverse section, were apparently
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taken with severe pain in left ankle. Character of pain, knife-
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Hilton reports a case of retro-pharyngeal abscess which
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caused by genital irritations, or heard of it, although I have
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Lumffius in 1771 called the worm Ascaris trichiura, but Goeze in
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recovery was the rule in cases of gassing. The case mortality
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because the iris was cleft in that direction. The cataract proved to be quite
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immediate opening of the mastoid cells, antrum and middle
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sions in some manner to make them accessible to all mem-
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leaving a narrow belt on the anterior wall free from infiltration. The bottom of the ulcer
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severe to be excited in these tissues from very slight causes, as a
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In August 1973, Oakley et al reported on a retrospective
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least striking out into untrodden paths and so benefiting the
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in the form of carbonic acid and water, in contributing to the formation of
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they had given the Congress, and hoped the harmony which had pre-
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tions of the An>eri(;;in editor. In speaking of a book
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Dr. H. Barre* reports a single instance in which in spite of repeated
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placed on the operating table and prepared for operation; there, under
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goes rapid granular degeneration and its motions cease much
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from referring to the original works, from whence the deduc-
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Pharmakoh, Leipz., 1895-6, xxxvii, 100-155. — Mobins
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each hemisphere. Here the clinical condition was almost identically the
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Back Row — J. McAlister, Young, Phillips, Pridgen
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