Duphaston Fibrome

yeast contains nucleinic acid and therefore is an excellent thera-

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Pennsylvania : March 30-April 6, McKeesport, 1 case ; Philadel-

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half that number. Provided, however, that the number of

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treatment of six cases of Addison's disease by the administra-

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end, as with the x-ray. This holds true, even of those

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FJI.C.P.E., F.R.S.E., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Arches from 9th dorsal to 1st L. removed. Good sensation and

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ward general conditions which we are considering? Is

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true carcinomata, the clinical evidence being, perhaps,

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20. Gerrlsh : Text-book of Anatomy by American Authors, 495.

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and when sitting could not rise to the erect posture without

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practically unknown. While quite a number of states

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some peculiar reflexes observed by him in connection with

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' The very great mortelity could be materially reduced by the general

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the trephine or chisel in every case of- severe injury to the

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fall until the eyes were almost closed. Both eyes could be

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sion of the names of the great benefactors of the whole

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bacteria or other substances upon which it is desired

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The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

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During the past three years the trend of the profession

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duphaston 10 mg tablet side effects

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fore, this was finally rejected. Another proposition re-

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was found to be the infecting agent. Since the pub-

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Cases in which the bladder has been involved in a hernia

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of the state and territorial societies recognized by the

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may be given as follows (Barnhill*) : 1. In the ear,

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French are the only exception, between 14 and 15 in their

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sis. In proportion as the frontal tumor develops in these

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cerebral syphilis and tuberculosis, tabes, syringomyelia,

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has been discovered which will show conclusively that the

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Case 10. — A crush of the hip and thigh with considerable

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ness on the front of the chest over an area extending from

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to the same facts and quotes the same figures that were

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in the "Transactions of the Clinical Society" — adorn the mu-

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or nothing, next to malaria, has been made the scape-

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to bring the pressure of the entire medical profession of his State,