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" blood poisoning." Dr. Eyre in the course of his professional

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On 6tli ]May the oesophagus was exposed on the left side, at the root

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issues involving the problems unique to the first and last

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By evening all aid to be derived from the patient's sen-

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ject, but as they agreed in the story told, they certainly must have

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Bruen's paper in Pennsylvania Slate Medical Society

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the larger cranial nerves — f.g., the optic. 'I'he following

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to chloroform in my experience, and still I recognize that ether is

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The arteries were tied, sutures inserted, and the boy placed in

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from the circumference to the centre, on exposing to the air: and to produce

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the fumes of burning sulphur. Without a knowledge of sanitary

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1373. In pleurisy, there is an absence of that sense of weight

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were received and treated with great courtesy by the command-

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strate, as also the fact that under proper treatment, espe-

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of these two drugs will be identical. For these three

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No development of intercellular substance showing a

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efficient cause, are urgent, and while the vigor of the patient is una-

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patients, and also varies with the thickness of the skin, — ^wfaere the

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and this amounts to the following statement, that during vas-

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serous effusion, which the latter declares he saw in all his exami-

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yes ; but allowed to become chronic, with its manifold lesions, many of

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Oxon., F. R. C, P., Pliyaician and Joint Lecturer on Patbo-

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applied to the treatment, and only calculated to mis-

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ande of division being as large as a small nut. Between and on these growths are numerous

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The Transmission of Syphilis by Barbers. — W. T. Belfield

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in resolution or in suppuration, which is sometimes interminable, and leaves indelible

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beneath them to study, but of the importance of which they now were

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seeming paralysis of the eyelids ; lethargic sleep, and tendency to lie in

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must look upon deafk as having occurred from hamorrhage, wben tbe

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much depends on treatment as fever. It is difficult t© explain how it

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Mathieu, Pbofessob Albebt, Physician to the Hospitals of Paris.

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ever, only when thin sections are taken from bits of the timiour

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Medical School in this city have now begun. The class

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tioners in medicine and surgery has just been formed in the

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nurses, the out-patient department, etc. Questions such as

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1885, vii, 182-186.— Oruber (W.) Die eigenen Spanner