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premature coagulation, or more effectual, is peptonization. Stimulants should
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rapiel rise of temperature, vomiting, and nervous disturbances, as convul-
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bring the plantar surface up to an angle of 90° or
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The energy of the two joint muscles of the hind leg of the frog is transmitted
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filtration of bacteria. On the other hand, some of these small particles
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prostatomy, which does considerable good temporarily,
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with the valvular procedure is quite satisfactory. Gastrostomy is the most
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tion of tlie larynx shows in a certain proportion of the
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agulated blood-column may be drawn out of the tube as a compact mass when
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and supervised by Dr. Foster. Illustrations are freely
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P. A. Surgeoo R. A. Urquhart ordered to the "Alert"
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properly at once, invariably end in complete recovery ; but neglected
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of disturbed nutrition find their aetiology in bacterial pto-
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Can this agent counteract the coma or stupor produced by alcohol?
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Lead and the Sulphur are first rubbed together then
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efficient administration of salicylic acid, the signs of improvement are
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Dinner : Chicken three or four times during winter, otherwise no meat except
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armpit, they are often seen everywhere where there is an inflammatory action.
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scare. It is so easy, when the public mind is disquieted and alarmed
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remained virulent from ten to thirty hours. Delepine and Ransom used
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