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viously treated with HCl shows that salts with bivalent anion lower
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irritability has been proved : I. By microscopic observations of
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Locke, better known as a philosopher than as a doctor, very
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fully endorse the sweeping arraignment made by tliis careful
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is an outgrowth of the mercury vapor light, investigated by Arons in
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A similar set of changes may be produced umong tho ele-
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till all has been gone over with the brush. This is very
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accomplished at the hands of others in the past, nothing could have pre-
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pain in the right side, followed by vomiting, which lasted until
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by any protestations of confidence which he might have made
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to the Pennsylvania Institute for the Instruction of the
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gans directly influencing the terminal branches of the portal
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and fifteen minims of tincture of digitalis, and shortly after this
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From the site of old Mackinac, at the very extremity of the peninsula,
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expect that a man born blind should, on receiving his sight, be able
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varieties of European, are inferior to none, yet a large propor-
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action is due to soluble substances, and not to the bacteria present,
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tion a Duty — One Preventive Check — Nursing No Preventive — Abortion is Criminal
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heart disease influenced the separation of these cases into an inde-
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diminished to a very notable extent ; the disease passed through
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ing in the production of various intermediary products. These accumu-
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Diagnosis and Prognosis. — A careful study of the symptoms of
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fenteric fever (49:1.) *, and its <:hara(5leri'ftic
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Mr. Steele said that in no stage of the disease were there any indications of sore-
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this disease, has been to give physic, and reduce the
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ished children of whatever age, who are discovered through its clinics
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A bullet from the Lee-Metford rifle travels at far higher speed.
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but, generally speaking, animal is better suited than vegetable food,
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and next to those gray. The lighter the popil the greater
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only say thpt,. besides the convenient supply of blank. leaves, for n^
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rarely die of spontaneous tuberculosis, so rapidly succumb to
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from that time all Accidents ceased, and the Wound cured soon after. But if such be
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the name and address of the author. These letters not to be
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represent inadaptation. When husband and wife are of similar tempera-
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large herds occupying insular or equally secluded locali-
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ary microscope, and only recently have they been detected by the use-
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City and, after the death of Dr. Ricketts, remained
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as possible; he was dexterous and nimble, but never
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There is no evidence to show that such cases are due to any particular
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Lin, Irene C. Clinical Instructor in Anesthesiology.
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bond, conditioned that neither the patient nor his friends