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The right eye was unaffected. Next day the two eyes were on the same level

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sion of the renal vessels, while Lindner believes they

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cultures out of 14 specimens collected showed a growth of

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two forms of jaundice; one being attended only with

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incident to acute pancreatitis. There are instances, however, in which

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good in so many instances which seemed grave, that we are

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meninges. Meningitis occasionally occurs. The nervous manifesta-

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covered with their hands, in a pillow or anything they

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separated from the cord. The sac is divided and the

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If in considerable quantity, it destroys pyogenic organisms in the

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of the left lung, and weighed at least six or eight ounces ; others, of

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ducing immunity before the latter has had time to develop its virus.

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sordes on the teeth and a considerable fied that many of the cases of involvement

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tected. The connective tissue between the lobules and around the cen-

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between the spinous processes. After the puncture the patient should drink a

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a great enlargement of the spleen. Such cases prove either that a

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ing, with a unanimous preference for the former place, although

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think no young man of education and spirit would be likely

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2. To strike out all after the words " de- 1 Memphis, Harvard University — 9.

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because of its reputation. I think there are now, perhaps, in the files

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See, also, Notice sur leahopitanx eu tolesd'acier [etc.]

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Sequelae of perineal lacerations are almost innumerable and are con-

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with a forty-grain pessary of iodoform placed against the cervix.

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after seven injections, the spleen was percussed, and found not extending

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granulation. The most rational operative treatment is the

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Anatomic Diagnosis. — Squamous-celled cancer of bladder; occlusion of ureteral

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vation.— Edinburgh Medical Journal. ^^^^ Strong, see page x they contain no