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equal footing with the corresponding officer of the line,
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sionally one, not able to resist the blandishments of Paris,
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The results of the Widal test are to be taken into consideration in
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but may be cirrhotic in chronic cases. The spleen is also usually
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bound to accept the objection that aconite weakens cardiac
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parisienue ; contagion possible. Bull, et m6m. See. m6d.
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temporary help is required. It acts better than an alcoholic stimulant
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as to proper modes of living may be of help in this respect in the case
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ERRATUM.— Mr. Muecke's case shown at the last meeting, see Proceedings (December,
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cide — 4r7 by men, 15 by women, and 3 by children of
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ventricular fibrillation are shown in Fig. 1. In a very few in-
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than do old men, and old men, though equally susceptible to infection
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of various sorts may occur, such as weakness and irregularity of heart
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other therapeutic value than that of producing uterine contrac"
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In France. — Several cases have been treated in the
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on the left side, many tubercles and local tuberculous
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practice in which he applied a Sayre's jacket without at-
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protruded, motion was limited, mastication was impossible
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a small dose of morphia in order to secure a comfortable
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for that matter in bilateral dislocations. Certain liga-
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puerperal fever. He thought the objections to the operation
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Dr. Haygarth remarked, a long time ago, what we all now know to be
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producing the same salutary destructive action upon the specific disease,
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study of the cases. While the absence of data accumulated
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being improved. " If a man work not," says St. Paul, "neither
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The radial nerve runs down on the front of the radial side of the
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scarcely any discoverable swelling, and found in the morning
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the part of the egg remaining in its turn gave rise to an imperfect animal
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., • * J Ui ji r • i. J.- ^ ^t. 1 One joint of thumb 270
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