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sary habit of these women in rising to pass urine and fasces

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of developing upon Nature's medium and in Nature's incubator

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the serous tissues) is scantily supplied with red blood. It is, if

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prised at this when we consider the ontogenetic relation of these

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any suggestions in regard to a modified urotropin treatment?

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either case to make sure, by microscopic examination of dried smears, that the tur-

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to Dr. Davaine of Paris, the author of one of the best

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cin., 1837, x, 633 — liange (F.) Ueber den angeboienen

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matic veins. It generally occurs in the young, and is almost

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quired beyond what common sense would dictate. Should the injection

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peculiar sensations in the skin, which, to some extent, speak for their

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Frage des Arthritis deformans," Deuts. med. Zeitung, Berlin, 1897, xviii. 433. — 118. TON

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incentives for withholding indicated medical care.”

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diflerences between the symptoms which mark a series of roughly similar cases

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not dead. For a vviiile he resisted the impulse as a matter of caprice,

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to the direction of Professor Russell of Wisconsin, the

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forcibly to him, and he must perforce enter the regions of

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Sequels — Diagnosis — Reasoning by way of exclusion — Differential Diagnosis —

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gested ; while the gall-bladder is filled with dark-green bile, or a

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77. Interstitial. (Mnglvltis.— Talbot holds that, aside fr jm

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A glance at Fig. 18 confirms also the statement that the mass of

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face, accompanied by a general uncomfortable sensa-

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Reunion, as Secretary. The principal object the Society has

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3.30 P. M. Pulse 60; somewhat restless; pain in front of head;

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chemistry, has just returned richly laden with intellectual acquisitions.

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expecting to receive a remittance at their earliest convenience.

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should be drawn for forty-eight hours. After the second

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Paragonimiasis or Parasitic Haemoptysis.^— Geographical Distri-

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jiresence of the mirror in the fauces, but, as some of the

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We are of opinion, upon the whole, that the disease in

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concavity regarding the centre from which the disease spreads, as for

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nology is not opposed, as many believe, to the principles of religion.

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can be held at any angle, the patient hangs against an