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ities to bear upon it, can render our materia medica more reliable,
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thirst; patient calls incessantly for the coldest water, but only a
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cold , repel , and many of them coagulate \ or thicken \
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tered without benefit. Electricity afforded no relief. The patient has
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the soundness of these principles, and also of the willingness of the
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indigestion produced an increased and morbid activity in the motions of
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writer has illustrated with sufficient details, the fact, that delirium of a
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Robinson, Esq., by Thomas Sadler, Ph. D. ; Boston. Fields, Osgood & Co.
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liminary meeting will be held at the house of Dr. Gregg, 35 Howard
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theory of debility. There is no passive dilatation or weakness; the
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four examinations of stools and urine, made a week apart, were reported
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with oil of turpentine, or uncombined and very frequently repeated,
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Latin, Zythum , Cerevifta Lupulata -, and in Englifh ,
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of a lady, aged 50, of strong constitution, in whom since her childhood, the frequency of
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stages ; and Calc. carh. ^, and Stann. ^ in the later stages, satisfac-
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burst the grenade five seconds later. Grenades may be thrown up to
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and are sometimes found in the stomach and small intestines.