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occasionally bleeding from the middle meningeal artery or its branches may

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ration is usually very slight, and their local signifi-

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In concluding this Chapter of Essays, I feel constrained to say that com-

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to appear. In some species of ticks the whole of the sub-

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Vol. II, No. 2, Dr. M. F. A. Jasenski reports experiments made in

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takes place at about the point designated by figure 2, in illustration

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course, but the loin, though fairly full, did not bulge as on the

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reports from Memphis, which show that the mortality of the city

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throat? Are pneumonia, acute nephritis, suppuration of the glands in the

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tle of milk; 10 p.m., a bottle of milk. About the middle of the

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comprehensive and continuous care and participates in night and weekend call. Students may

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some interesting studies of the placenta from the standpoint of gross and

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our great indebtedness to our two assistants, Messrs. Thaddeus C. Walker

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the hyperfunction of the thyroid in Graves's disease is restored by the ex-

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same structural and staining characteristics as have the con-

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these occurrences have come back to their minds with

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tinct error in judgment or knowledge is made, leading

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of Holland, boatman, aged 39, entered the Hospital, September

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advance in knowledge must pay increasing attention to their teachings.

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peared a work of rare value ; one, indeed, which marks a turning-

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than the preventive measures of asepsis. The writer well

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of the Montreal ^ledico-Chirurgical Society responded to the invitation

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to pick up something in the barn-yard, where grain-fed

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gives one physician for every 105 women of child-bearing

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Dyspnoea-— lefpirandi difficiikas continuzr levior*

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ilium and nine large splinters of bone from the ischio-ilial frac-