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because of the congestion at the receiving station), and they were not
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right hand I passed the point of an ordinary tenotomy knife hori-
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perately need it. Otherwise it is an utter loss of time and a de-
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During July, August and September, 1842, an epidemic dysen-
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ing caft into the Water, it will prefently boile up of
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These ideas on the field hospital are personal, collected from
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on the skin, nodes, and syphilitic cachexy. Mr. Hunter has been at great
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omentum in all cases of circular resection, as this
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all cases where medicine promised any chance of relief, this remedy
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Eeforms and Eeformers : striving, as we do, to emancipate our profession
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proved fatal in eighteen hours. It was the case of a boy nine years old,
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absence of a properly directed clinical instruction, he commenced prac-
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every country, and that it will soon return within its former limits. It
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benefits, is an error and an almost offensive f or-
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The symptoms which indicate Ignatia are quite numerous. The
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firiped with white lines. Gerard fays , the Flower is
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weeks since he was first attacked. This, I need not tell you, is a very
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of the spleen, as given by Voight, are exactly the same as those
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father of the primary suture, bravely worked out under surgical condi-
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to this body. But here they have been alreadj'- admitted, and nobody
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Honorary Members. — George Hadfield, M.D., Cincinnati, Dr.
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contracted to a point, face bloated and livid, loud rales throughout the
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mucilage of starch or isinglass, and inject it with the aid of a long
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able contributions to the museum of the college. It is a handsome
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sometimes produced on the system by eating fish — Venereal, Periostitic Inflam-
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because of its variable salt content; the other foods were cooked
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The report was presented and read by the Chairman, Henry M.
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Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Materia Medic a, Practice
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only became slower, but much softer and much fuller ; the skin became
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nately bathed with cold perspiration, and rejecting every thing from his
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thofe which lye upon the Ground, as thofe which rife
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We next come to the weapons of the artilleryman, or what is termed
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any diminution of power in his lower extremities. In 1881, however,
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the external ear at this point of time cannot therefore be considered as
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a state of undiminished febrile excitement, with persistent headache,
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ward, of Kells, has not seen it epidemically, but isolated cases were re-
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me to doubt the accuracy of the reasoning upon which this treatment
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Small-pox has appeared at Millbury, Mass., and seven of the pub-
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The following account will prove, that except ulceration of the bowels,
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name the proper method of treatment, I tell you a man has dropsy,
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the blood to excite them to contraction, and the escape of it is not op-
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. in fame, places green, in others brown-, after the
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formed since the session last preceding, but I will
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