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Case 1. — Acute pancreatitis. This case occurred in the practice of Dr. F. J.

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hour twice daily. This warm bath may be followed by a cooler sponging

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des Jjiqiddes de I 'Organisme, tome ii. p. 36. Paris, 1859.

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a practical examination in Physiology for this important diploma,

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Prineipes de MSek&mque Animale, ou Mtude de la Locomotion ckez V Homme et les

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* The deaths from all causes in England and Wales for the year 1866,

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at the Army Medical School, as Surgeons on probation, in —

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found about equally in the two sexes, and do not appear to shorten life, at

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stance, and that covered by the endocardium. There were

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syphilis. He believed he had adduced cogent arguments to show that

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corneas in the palpebral aperture occurs horizontally M

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be produced — the diazo-reaction. A further characteristic of the reaction is

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M. A. radiator tube gives us the best bone detail, doubtless due to its

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is best made of normal salt solution (1 drachm to a quart). —

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