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incision ought to be made at a right angle with the axis of
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The child could not stand, or hold the head erect, nor could he sit up
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Some of tliese contain a lur^e amount of brown pi;^
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remedies of more permanent and certain efficacy. The disease
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Fatigue. — What has just been said with regard to wet and cold
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sis, I would refer to Bergman's System of Surgery, Vol. IV, p. 720.
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numerous opinions. It is not my intention to tell you what
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Some local lesions, not infrequent in those who have inherited the taint,
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necrosis, and due entirely to retention of secretions
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between the fascia and the bones of the foot which is occupied by
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the arts and sciences which go to make up the profession of arms, can
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be deposited in the form of crystals on the surface of the membrane.
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see. Nor doeS my experience in operations for strangu-
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tion. Dozens of tins of bully beef were punctured by a blow from
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over a dilated lateral ventricle, as in the cases of Baud''
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ternal piles or fistula, an attempt should be made to cure the
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slow promotion. In all the other groups the figures make obvious
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urinary matters. The formation of the cyst, therefore, depends
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the word “rehabilitation” in its broadest sense.
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or doses of fifteen to thirty minims of the tincture may
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candidates for either Honorary Degrees or Honorary Members.
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500 units are the maximum reported, while in Lindemann's^^ two cases
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•5423 Traube, J. Physico-chemical methods. Trans, from
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out in the cold during the winter showed enlarged spleens.
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Again, close attendance on the work of the various bureaus,
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who practice medicine and are able to accumulate a little over
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may be a source of infection, or meat from cow, pig or fowl ; and
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larly the uric acid, which have accumulated in large quantities in the tissues, appear
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affects almost every tissue in the body. Such a disease must
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any value, it will be in correcting certain of their
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will often prove a severe trial to the medical man. It is a