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side of the face, to the salivary glands beneath the jaw, and sometimes

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were not necessary. Dr. Newbigging is said to have suc-

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Fevers and hke complaints it has no equal. Correspondence with Physicians solicited. Powders,

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either severe toxaemia or a marked grade of ulceration, especially in the

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On examination heart was found to be greatly enlarged. It was dif-

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Guss, Jeffrey Richard. Instructor in Psychiatry. Clinical

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journal, 1870, being entitled *' A Speedy Manner of Re-

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Sensation. — Tactile sensation is diminished on ine

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once thought to be connected with the disease by some hereditary

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duced by the iniiaence of radiated heat upon the head, as seen

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Owing to the history, attention was next directed to the patella

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failed. In this instance the arteries were tied with carbonized catgut and no

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his most important work lay in the subject of Materia Medica.

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a line to a line and one-half in thickness. Toward the

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lets, bvit his greatest work was the " Keligio Medioi.

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those gloves are from that momeut a source of sepsis,

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of the more superficial arterioles ramifying under the gastric mucosa.

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photophobia, purposeless vomiting, slow cerebration, drowsiness, optic

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Medical Corps. Her students had studied the methods of the best

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the subjects i^roposed tor discussion are the follow-

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as follows : — 1 brigade surgeon-lieutenant-colonel ; 2 surgeon-

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additional BC/BE physicians in the following special-

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2 retired, shall annually be assessed such sum as the Council-

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make a very interesting subject to follow up, and I

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realize that I have no novel propositions to make, nor

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one may well ask why more of us don’t get fat. The fact that

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same structural and staining characteristics as have the con-

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