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myeloproliferative diseases. N Engl J Med 266:538-540, 1962.
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Dr. S. Gee, with hel]) from Dr. Herringham as regards morbid
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tised in the Prospectus. Gentlemen who have paid Five Dollars for the "Journal" for
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which it is to be divided between them and the wound
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one; the mass weighed 21 ounces. Russel gave an account
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in the left leg. There was no disturbance of sensibil-
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unilateral, seems to them impossible. This explicit rejection of
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a growing evil with the profession in this country,
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been in providing medical examination, including tuber-
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occurs. The swine-plague bacilli were often abimdant, either alone, or
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method the bed is protected by a long rubber sheet, and two sheets
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Groups II and III, and no reduction in cases due to Group IV. The
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made clear what was tubercle and what was not ; and the identity
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foot cannot be replaced manually. On attempting forcible reposition there
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appearance. Daily ophthalmoscopic examinations might be advan-
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Dr. MacSwtney, in reply, said of course it was plain that the ques-
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and Carroll: "The Etiology of Yellow Fever: A Supplemental Note,"
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as one of the four years of professional study unless taken after regis-
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other lesion was discoverable, death was apparently due to
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stances impossible, to trace the process of fecundation, and we are
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the other is the manner in which it has generally been
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near the joints on both sides of the body may then make their appear-
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dominal Aorta, by Dominick J. Corrigan, M. D., one of the Phy-
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preference for work in the evacuation hospitals. In this,
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