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atous fibroid tissue containing tubercles; (2) granulation tissue,

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Uennorrhagi«t and '' labor-like" pains-^^ve rise to suspicion, bat no certain^.

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or the concentration of trivalent cations. It might be argued that

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4 approved by the President, and keep an accurate record of

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The size of the vesicles varies from a millet-seed to a goose-egg.

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sufficiently healthy to produce a vigorous embryo. In some cases

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when Cavendish proved it to be a compound body, consisting of

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occurs among savages I do not know, but the observa-

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uncomplicated for the most part with scarlet fever.

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brown colour, best marked in the nuclei, indicates the presence of phos-

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The ylamhrs-tiibercle^ in the lungs^ is of a permanent character ;

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because she had had so many attacks just like this one, and as soon

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1886.— 6. Barlow. Appendix ix. to Final Report R.C.V., No. 120, p. 304.—

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tube was withdrawn a day or two before from the top wound,

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by the medical officer or such authorized person, if he shall first have

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quarters of an inch. It was irregular in outline, one arm extend-

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for administering the serum, an additional quantity may be

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cases (Centraldlatt fur Chirurgie, June 7, 1884) in which he

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ately increased ; a state more often met with in aortic

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attending surgeon and examiner of recruits at Baltimore, Md.

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