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full support to the well-known views of MetchnikofF upon this subject. It

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Classical example of the extreme susceptibihty of the white mouse and the

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the case gave every evidence of septicaemia, with metritis and

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pale, colourless follicular papule with projecting spine, and a coarser,

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Sickness, worry, excessive study, exercise of the passions, or any-

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general expression for the common result of a variety of forms

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be partially avoided, either by drinking the tea after

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cranial circulation which removes the neurosis is contempora-

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the children were made to sleep with the pelvis elevated. In this position

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Voelckers' experience that Gull and Sutton's conception of the

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conspicuous by its absence. It is unnecessary to give further

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its walls, so that their motions during respiration are very

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McKay, William Monroe, a, w, Ogden, Utah. Weber C; Senior C.

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has discovered a means of preventing yellow fever, by inoc-

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preventing the development of sufficient permanent prostatic change

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down at suitable intervals near the line of Utters, first with head and later

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was present. Primary pleuritis was never observed, although Kundrat

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terrible symptoms. I need not detail them in a Journal designed for

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mydriasis; but it should be maintained till the ciliary conges-

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the arm by repeated bleedings; and in one case as many a- 80 ounces.

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' Mabtineatj: — ^Des Endooardites : Paris, 1866. An excellent work in

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again very rapidly. She was given a long and strict Alitchell treatment

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and he is always eager to escape: "It is also the source of numerous

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New England in the third quarter, the ratio being m low as 36, when

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sen the drinking evil, of establishing a tea saloon in

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