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hereditary neurasthenia, breaking down industry and even character, is

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this is by no means constant. The disease may go on spreading till the

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scaliness is characteristic of the type described by Hebra.

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Magistrates" ; about William Bulleyn and his "Bulwark of

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keepers say that a brazen kind of servant exists to this day.

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selfishness and the uselessness of such a course, the danger

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in this class, and calls for strict attention to the hygiene of the mouth,

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garded him with eloquent looks of speechless astonishment:

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in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th decennia, and that no age is exempt. The

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doors ; blind his windows ; stuff his chimneys, or, as in a case that came

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sarcoma ; others, again, a chronic inflammatory tumour or granuloma.

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fissured. It is intelligible that a chronic irritation or ulceration with a

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organisation of our muscular, vascular, and nervous systems is no less

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move the fingers and wrist, and in the intrinsic muscles of the hand.

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Treatment. — Excision is the ordinary treatment of fibromatous tumours

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remained excitable, passionate and uncontrollable ; but when she came

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body generally. Soon patches of deeper discoloration appear here and

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Teached (in favourable cases this is attained in about ten days). If any

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hypersemia of the dura and pia mater at the base of the brain, sub-

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little animal food, and who are less liable to syphilis.

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moreover, is not, at the outset, one implying pathological change of

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brain. But this is to go far beyond our present knowledge and our

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valuable addition to our standing army. If they would only

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lesions which have previously destroyed the surface of the skin. The

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extensive, and the itching and outbursts less intense ; with a corresponding

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In such a case the treatment must be stimulating, the environment as

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definitely; finally it may disappear, though the patch may seem unaltered.

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for the sake of the future benefit that he would achieve by work.

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discoloured, dry, and scaly. In such cases the digestion fails and emaciation

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phenomena. For my own part I can see little against this opinion, and

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interest in his life and daily surroundings think that, after

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ment, as well as for suitable accommodation of a more material kind.

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described three cases in 1867, and in 1870 a fourth and very characteristic

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G. H. Dublin Joum. Med. Sci. April 1880.— 70. Verbeke. Th. de Lille, 1898.

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reveal ideas or tendencies which normally were kept in subjection; (iii.)

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sulated bacillus found in ozeena and in nasal catarrhs. But some

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