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By far the greatest fatality during the remainder of the first year

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are practicing medicine than ever before. The medical school

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tomic facts of nerve tissue relationship of the uterus and its ap-

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hypertrophy, endocarditis, thrombus of pulmonary artery; interstitial

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b. The perforating instrument may break and the broken

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Council is brought forward. He clamors and raises a great deal of hubbub, and he says, in

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editorial work, and the publishers have selected another Technology man and

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physician in his own office and is not done even in some of the

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gaining access to the hospitals, and receive in-door or out-door treatment without paying for

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at typhoid protection in the army. It would only too gladly wipe out all

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and evidence of chronic interstitial nephritis. General peripheral arterio-

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particularly to call attention to those incidental dangers outside

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pared to move. It strikes me no harm is done by allowing the protest to be filed.

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the development of the intellect (the fore brain) which is geneti-

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Plaques were also found in the case of an alcoholic dement sixty-

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therefore, inordinately influenced by the external elements to

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health of that mother so far as her pelvic organs are concerned.

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would like today to be able to tear those pages from my book.

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The death rate from intestinal diseases is the direct result of

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mother died at eighty after four shocks, and it is safe to assume

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Cardiac Pathology. Norris. $5.00. W. B. Saunders & Co.

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being permanently deflected from the line of best development.

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his pains, and he too had a shock a year ago. It would seem

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realized that the then prescribed course of study was all too short,

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TRACING A FISTULA.— Dr. Jerome Lynch of New York has con-

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5. Packing the vagina and lower segment of the uterus is an unsatis-

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came from probably a single source. I knew perfectly well that the charges made in them

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Frequently the symptoms due to flat or pronated feet are first

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A few, a very few cases, such as the following, can be found in the

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Parliament before it was substituted for variola inoculation.

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apeutic treatment could begin to hunt out, select, and destroy

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c. Should the operative field be rendered bloodless by the

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tention at that time, if I remember it or if I was capable of understanding it, was not that

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the division which he represented, and in which he lived, and the latter because of his having