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God inspired it. And for this reason physicians should demand

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of a genius destined to become one of the greatest bene-

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account of their tendency to flex and to remain flexed.

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Dr. Peck of Providence, R.I., the question for discussion being

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The " Repertory," of about sixty pages, small type, is worthy

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applying to me, he had had difficulty in trying to swallow a bit

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when a little girl, so you ' may learn forever,' as you used

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trustee and has been president of the Harlem Medical Association;

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way. Too extensive and too weak terminal cicatrices, as

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York Dispensary and Bellevue Hospital, and consulting surgeon to

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I got some for her." I once attended a young man sick with

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and was ever ready — too ready, her professors feared — to

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There were no school-houses in his neighborhood until

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phenomena. Thus, although the patient will not allow you to

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rising to the rank of Colonel in the (ield ; he was also

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tion ; Loyal Legion ; Sons of the American Revolution. In religion Dr.

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The Influence of Sea-Voyaging upon the Genito-Uterine Functions.

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timony of fact. Montreal stands much in need of just such plain

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many anxious to continue the discussion. The plan seemed

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ciety; and for several years was a trustee of the social settlement

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chlorosis, as well as every other form of anaemia, is to promote the regeneration

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Muriate of Cocaine in External Hemorrhoids. — The

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published in the Chinese language, these ideas are held and put

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ing the character of the blood, we may destroy their means of

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ence in hospitals happened to be largely surgical, a fact which added

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empty stomach; a loose neck ; a free abdomen, no corsets or skirt-bands; removal

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relation to proven and vital laws. It is as puerile and irrelevant

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A well-known fact is that the power of absorption of the

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source; just as many live in malarious climates without injury,

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' 'Practice of Pediatrics," published in 1906. Dr. Carr resides and

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have known it, would have read it in his countenance,