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Bial recommends the procedure, not for the differentiation of pentoses and combined
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irritation of something in their environment that they actually breathe
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chiasm. A small lesion in this location will produce hemiopia,
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for alcoholic beverages ; a liking, too, which is precisely of the
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breast bone. This engorgement feels soft and pasty though firm,
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oil, magnesia, sulphur and molasses, with fruit, roots, and
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204 Dr. Porter on the Treatment of Aneurism by Co^npresssion.
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further investigation it was found that this dealer had cases of typhoid
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much better than liquids after intubation. In a num-
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treatment (antisepsis, elevation, fixation) is to be attemjDted.
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same period of time. At the beginning how slowly the
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more agreeable, that we see no good reason for the very general use
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changes in the nerve-cells of the cord are regarded as secondary to the peripheral
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The liquid stools, which began on the fourth day, gradually
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several successive generations, including (Bomer; Kehrer) women at the
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most brilliant results that I have seen have been se-
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rage, and found her standing in the kitchen motionless, and with her
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as to enable us to deduce that a specific internal secretion exists.
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accomplished. Everything promises that before long a law of true har-
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vesicles, bullae, and erythematous areas— certain characters predominate.
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which fruit had been given in considerable amount to
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(1916) in Bellevue Hospital, and in only eleven of them
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as an initial symptom occurred in about 80 per cent. In 10 per cent
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same organisms. In every case there was a predisposing cause.
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Tuberculosis of the Lymph Glands. — When definite anatomical tuber-
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dinner, was seized with sudden severe pain in the left
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through embolic hemiplegia. Dublin J. M. Sc., 1899, cvii,
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example, local asphyxia of the extremities is one of the
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as well as from Europe. It has many advantages and a
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Among these appears an unusual number which are of sterling
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suspend it by one of its anterior limbs, the hind legs hang
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timents of the opposite side in the statement that " We
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from nine to eighteen months may elapse after the worm enters the
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resources of our art, backed by the wisdom of experience; for, after all, expe-
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tribution of the first sacral root, and the flexors of the toes
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use, and other rooms in the building will be at your disposal at
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the brim. In Dr. Greenhalgh's case, the application of
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