readily digested vegetables, particularly the legumes, the cereals, light desserts,

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6th, 8th, loth, and 12th, when a five-eighths of an

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curette may have splintered the inner plate, the posterior end of the splinter

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colon of a patient who was in a moribund condition from haemorrhage after

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For various methods of reduction, see larger text-books.

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ipheral irritation will do as well. The heart will stop in systole wherever


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ditions of the tonsil that depend upon specific disease, or

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the maintenance of three only, ample provision might be

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it h not always easy to distinguish peripheral from central an»s>

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honourable vindication from injury by foreign nations; the maintenance of the

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“The thrust of our research will be to measure changes in

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disease of this joint until later. Dr. Lemen at once

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ambulance for the conveyance of patients from their homes.

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vThis last was much more fatal than that of a spontaneously originating inflam*

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Locust and Twenty-first Streets, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI

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demonstrated something that is entirely the opposite of what

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ing recovered from shock, he was taken to the operat-

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bad smells ; but it was found that in the back-green of one of these

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was hopeless ; he laboured under great suffering, dyspnoea, and inability

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ing against another, or one of these diseases protecting

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manifest itself tardily at the age of twelve, twenty-five, and thirty years, and

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the cavity. Some of the patients that I have operated upon could not,

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was hot and dry ; the face flushed ; the eye red and watery ; the pulse

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clorato di fenocolla nelle febbri di malaria. Ibid., 1898,

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riod — when, if the symptoms still continue, we may venture on

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become more profuse, foetid, curdled, or sanious, a search must

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quite a farce. There was no richer district in these islands

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case in New York City in which an artificial pneumo-

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bad smells ; but it was found that in the back-green of one of these

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of a critical day. Besides, the good effects were apparent the day after

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profound coma at an uncertain interval after the stupor ; and in the rapidly-

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symptoms are almost limited to freckle-like pigmentation, without much

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When two lesions coexist as the same valve, the one may compensate, in

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who, beyond a doubt, were keen observers of symptoms,

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Laycock. Professor Henderson was an avowed homeopath.

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during the pregnancy and miscarriage is considered such advice

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Dr. Paget's motion and adopt the motion of Dr. Parkes,

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de couteau; de la seusibilit6 recurrente jxeriphei iipie.