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centre of the body. There was an increase of haemoglobin in the blood
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lohe. This consolidated area was tvf a pinkish-grey tint, the cut
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lliat one should keep out of crowds and stuffy jdaces as much as
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orrhage ; then by chemical antipyretics which, though they reduced
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sepsis, and then perhaps finally having to be sent to the hospital
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at the subjoined list, in which they are placed in the order of frequency
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pains, involving only certain nerve trunks, formed the entire disease
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very materially in temperature, has been frequently demonstrated by ex-
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water pressure is not over ten pounds ; in the third story it may be
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tension and pyrexia, Dr. Kemp has observed rapid increase of renal
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after two or three days they rapidly subside, leaving the patient conva-
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the fault of the grower in omitting attention to details if he
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stimulates the heart; in poisonous doses, overcomes it. It
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muscles in the cervical region contract, at the same time becoming rigid.
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valve, and, to a lesser extent, in the lower part of the jejunum. Fre-
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1 )r. ( '. \V. Covernton, there have been what I niijiht call three crises
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the tube to the zero mark with milk and allow it to stand in a
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out, and the rupturing of his hardened ai-teries brings him a
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sions or the cold bath. Dr. Richmond, of Indianapolis, was in the
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All of this is of the utmost importance in medicine. When
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istered. The patient may be placed or held in a semirecumbent posi-
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oil of cinnamon, ichthyol, and guaiacol valerianate. Ichthyol
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there is in addition the characteristic maculo-petechial eruption. In
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intensely from insomnia ; she was obliged to take narcotics more or less, and
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have been in all cases satisfactory, and occasionally they have pro-
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teriolo^ic examination. It is met with in both mild and severe cases,
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enhancement of the solution and consequent better elimination of nitro-
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prejudice entertained by the medical profession against the empiricism
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treatment for several months. His sciatic nerve had been stretched by Dr. Ros-
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as will be seen. All wet packs must be followed by some hydriatric
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watching the heart, which gets strength as the exercise pro-
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The hair over the chest often becomes gray ; that of the head and beard,
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it was only as far back as 1881 that Robert Koch gave to the
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lesions. The only post-mortem changes found, as a rule, are those of
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ture, rapidly and briefly applied under good atmospheric pressure,
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nomical reasons, is taking the place of lead in furnishing the