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M6m. d'antbrop., P,ar., 1871, i, 449-519. — Cliei-viii. La

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IL— MATERNITY ; INFANCY ; CHILDHOOD. The Hygiene of Pregnancy ; the

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properly considered medicine for lubrication. Sweet oil is not

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Food Poisoning. — A Concise Exposition of the Etiology, Bac-

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On Oct. 23 the note was: — Healing rapidly, progressing

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find some remarks on the burning of the living and dead body, in the report

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Cod-liver oil must not be omitted in the therapeutics of con-

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during which time he was actively and laboriously engaged, till the se-

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that the lower lumbar vertebrae were necrosed, and the pus had taken a

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may be attacked in one person, and adifferent oneinanother. To

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the effect of entirely destroying the morbid action in the portions

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since I attach the greatest importance to the slightest depression

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of indigo (chemic blue) as will give it the required colour. Or

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If dependent on retention of urine from stricture of the urethra, enlarged

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they are not up to par ; they are not up to a standard,

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low specific gravity, showing a great deficiency in the total amount of

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" Archiv," he published a paper,* which arrested the im-

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tween the 7sth and S5th years, 20 between the 65th and

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the disease ? Where is the disease ? the second is the one which

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appendix, his treatment appears sufficiently success-

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mouth, inbipid, clammy, or bitter taste ; inclination to vomit; sensibility

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can make a diagnosis with the stethoscope alone. It takes time and

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tions on the blood sugar in, Orville F. Rogers, Jr.,

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thought of it suggests wailing and gnashing of teeth, and

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ing substance. The urine responded also to the phenylhydrazin

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train in motion. This occurred some months ago. The metacarpal

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dilution. In children from 9 to 15 months with severe rickets this feeding

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15. Significant progress was made in the Outpatient Department to delineate

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disastrous consequences which would in all probability have super-

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little sympathy, but it made its way even to Spain later,