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Some clinical indications where MRI should be used as the first diagnostic method:

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Reinstitute nadolol promptly (at least temporarily) and take other measures appro-

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patients. It has been reasonably successful, especially in the high dose regimen

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SGPT, LDH, and CPK, However, a definitive cause and effect between

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1 A complete medical and family history should be taken prior to the initiation of oral con-

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Convention — and recommend it to the special attention of all our readers.

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Wednesday... St. Mary's, 1 p.m. — Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University

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A JAMA editorial comments: 'As the Surgeon General's

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should almost always be avoided because of increased risk of congenital

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recurrence of jaundice. If |aundice develops, the medication should be discontinued.

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inhibitor (slow channel blocker or calcium antagonist). Chemically,

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