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calibration . John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1991

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7. Indications for and technique of uterine curette-

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quently that he predeceased his uncle, the testator, who died in May, 18o3.

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abdominal glands undergo the same compression from the abdominal

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ing of the Nebraska State Obstetric and Gynecologic

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dogs (3) and (4) were re-operated under ether, and urinary fistulae

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cholera vibrios, which would surely kill normal animals, into these

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disturbance of the blood, which produced black spots in

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dog (Walsh and Bruckmiiller), Cebus azara (a Paraguayan monkey —

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tissues thickened and inflamed by being so constantly bathed in a

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gery could be cultivated without the embarrassments of (inan-

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The fluids supplied to the spinal column in the way de-

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Hence the statement at the beginning of my paper, that the medical treatment

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perature of the oven gradually. The heating can be kept up, according

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feline species, and even to mice and rabbits. Cattle, pigs, and

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tan Asylums Board has again increased. The number of

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the British Association for the Advancement of Science,

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closely bound, a new human being, sprung from our blood,

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at the point of decussation of the fibres from the motor paths just above

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ration appeared over the spine of the tibia, the knee- and ankle-joints

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