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fiagellum is reduced to the rhizoplast which comes off close

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his coiip-sur-coup plan of bleeding, or to assent nowadays to Aran's

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explanation resides in the fact that, in the majority of cases in which

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Tonka (Op. Cit., p. 444.) "A ship was trading on the coast of

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has been described by Wallis and Gallagher (Lancet, London, October

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compound of erysipelas and scarlatina. He also notices the fact that

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The Registrar- G en ei-al has thrown the framers of this Bill a practical

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nective-tissue proliferation in the broad ligaments

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its antiseptic treatment by inhalations and residence

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not. After this the view that spirochaetes were bacteria was revived,

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remain, being generally the cause, and not the effect, of the

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disease, making special reference to its contagious char-

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an opening. A membrane had formed where the opening

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episode connected with his early life. His mind, as he has told us

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and a half high (approximately), and with their limbs three tenths of an

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had been discovered. Mind clear, no optic neuritis, patient thin and weak,

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disappeared. One is tempted to speculate on the possibility of

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tendent of the Elmira Reformatory, has been appointed perma-

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combatting; true croup, and diphtheria. Guinea pigs inoculated

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Fonctionnement de la Maison d' Accouchements Baude-

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ness and iilth, while they do not of themselves cause diphtheria,

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recommending it as highly useful, at once arresting the convulsion or

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7n; Haller. Disp. anat. [etc.]. 4°. Gottinga;, 1751, i,

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which become progressively more severe, although accompanied with

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we are acquainted. The rapid course and fatal issue of the

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::;,r'"-^- ''— i-- -■■--■u..,:: ::::;:■:;;;:;:

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order to prevent the easy extraction of the arrowheads, those of

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selected as the next place of meeting, the time for such meeting

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for thirty days, either in wine, or in a preparation of

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in the beginning lies upon the side, with the legs flexed to relieve pressure,

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under whom he attended. He must also have attended fur

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the criminal, feeble-minded, defective and imbecile classes.

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exercises a soothing and ennobling influence in toning

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by expulsive efforts. The pains, too, were of the or-

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Philadelphia remarks that the first statue ever raised to a

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swine fever, the lung lesions are ascribable, not to the bacillus of swine fever, but

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preserved effectually in a bell-glass of deutoxide of nitrogen, over water, for

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and therefore ignorant of one another ; hence a state of war

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of the Irontal and maxillary sinuses, and espiM-ially ou the

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As to tubercle considered in the lungs, Dr. Villemin retracts

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you had swallowed something that was going towards Tarshish, when it ought to

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