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supplies of energy, both mental and physical, are small. Any evidence

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" Zur Lichenfrage," Monatsh. f. prakt. Derm. 1889, Bd. ix. No. 3.-26. Unna. " Zur

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resembling tissue-paper, arranged in concentric rings, the edging of

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and the " pigmentary syphilide " are three distinct but rare forms not

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seborrhoea capitis with pityriasis, in flannel eczema (Bodin), and probably

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they were supposed, at least, to save life with marvelous

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remained excitable, passionate and uncontrollable ; but when she came

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seen on the palms and soles, and is often complicated with cracks, so that

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— which has been considered the most characteristic — of gesture and of

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him. Egotism and independence are his doctrine and mode of life, and

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perience enables me to say that in nine cases out of ten the ordinance

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to taking away men's lives unfairly, as to acquaint you that,

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joints, backs of the hands, forearms, legs, abdomen, neck, and genitals,

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unattainable peace a hushed family circle had boarded up the windows,

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Another contributory cause I believe to be the spread of saprophytic

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the disease, as in the group included under the name "lichen," in pity-

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11 to 18. Normoblasts. Numbers 11 to 17 from the bone marrow of cases of

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are almost sure to be infected. It would appear that a