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day during the season of its prevalence. We cure the spasm and pain
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Somerset, Allegheny, and Philadelphia, the cases were
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send him to a specialist or have consultation. I do not
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centimeter, should be used. If in such a series fermentation with gas
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which have fallen umlcr my observation occurred when
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to affect the antimegatheriolytic titer, which remained more than eight times
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tendency of the caustic to produce hemorrhage. It is
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D. 0. ; The Teaching of Organic Preparations, I^aboratory
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about five-hundred mfants. it the law, brief but clear, which should be
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The microscopical examination of the tubercles shows that they consist
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sion but who lack histologic confirmation of the type of ma-
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neglect of his caution as to the necessity of using the anaesthetic
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•-^ O'Cabboll, Joseph Fbancis, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician Richmond,
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unless meningitis be present. In the latter case the inner wall of
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First Pennsylvania Regiment, U. S. V., on Malaria or Dengue.
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ganic cases ; many of the classes of patients in which it
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a pregnancy has followed; and of these fourteen, eight have
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that notwithstanding our efforts, we can scarcely point to a single instance to prove
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dangerous epidemics ; and they had led to the specific treat-
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the reverse of what Herbert Spencer had asserted), on the de-
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report, is such, and such only, as was proposed in the resolutions
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J., 1887, cx'vi, 62. Also, Eeprint.— Charcot (J.-M.) Epi-
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bered, which were added by Mr. Brinton, the present pub-
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have been present for indefinite periods of time — gistroptosis
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the goitre, which had existed for six years, was completely
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tint erysip-las had i)3gua at tlie edge of the crust he
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the death rates were the same, being about one-third of those for the
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On the Nature, Cause, and Treatment of Tuberculosis. By Horace Dobell,
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ranging from 10 to 50 years. Among them 57 workers gave a
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It probably caused a great deal of pressure, in spite of its
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He had a paralytic seizure with convulsions in 1862,
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The remark of Ebstein that the lay term "nona" arose out of con-
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Dr. Pope : It looks to me like the lesion is a syphilitic one
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possible to discover a remedy for, the threatened extermina-
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the attention of physicians in particular, but even laymen
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of recurrence in one year improves very much the prognosis in respect
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in consequence of the presence of typhus fever. Four
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be sewed to the lower edge of the binder behind, a vulva pad made
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searching analysis of cases in which the essential phenomena of the disease
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rectum than elsewhere in the body. I believe we really get the
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the diastolic periods are of unequal length (Figs. 66 and 67).
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work upon the subject seems almost an impossibility. The present little
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of the vulva is too nebulous to justify final conclusions.
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endeavor to follow his precepts, would you believe that you existed in