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This state of partial sleep may precede that of the more continuous stupor

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the amelioration will be gradual. A fatal ending is usually by a gradual

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temperature, produced by the inability of the system to get rid of the heat

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the bacilli of tuberculosis. As a rule, superficial miliary tubercles arise,

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It is doubtful whether any known drugs have the power of reducing

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come shrunken, irregular, ball-like, and finally they cannot be recognized.

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tonic effect upon the heart-nutrition. As has been shown by Gaskell,

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the season of the year. In the winter it is usually preferable to send the

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These facts are thus explained by the author: "Sudden shocks are

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emptying the lungs. In some cases the nuclei of the cardiac nerves

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flammation due to syphilis is on the whole favorable, although it should

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the importance of the late results of cerebral hemorrhage in childhood

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Cardiac palpitation and distress are usually best controlled by appro-

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years of age three or four times a day. Chloral is a very useful remedy,

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