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through the veins of the anterior abdominal wall, into the vena cava

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seated and completely encapsulated by osseous and soft tissues,

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suspended. The remedies, in addition to opium, given for insomnia, are


of seven years, suddenly induced, in consequence of a previous

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Lecturer on Clinical Medicine at the Jefferson Medical College;

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the jugular vein is to be; preferred to a small one ; in cases of

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sent her to me, the patient protesting all the time

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of the side opposite the lesion and a third nerve palsy (p. 1032) on the same

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the inadequacy of their hygienic service. It is a curious illustration of

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a basis in truth. Let each reader test the statements here made at the

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mouth, gums and tongue, in addition to the skin and muscle affection.

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they — as well as bleeding, blistering, setoning, &c. — are, on the

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rins to be used in treating diphtheria with Behring's

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mistake in point of fact that insanity was uniform in its action,

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by a rubber covering which can also be easily sterilized.

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He was ordered to remove the plaster ; the whole body

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the therapeutic results in those cases where the sympa-

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the operation being performed in all thirty-seven times,

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which prove that tissue may contain an infectious agent in sufficient

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epidemic type, a change in the quality of the disease

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[Lecciones recogidas y redactadas por Aguilar Blanc ]

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The average follow-up was 1 0 years (range 1-18 years) .