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for a great majority of students coming from countries for-
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When the regular eruption appears the fever falls to normal and re-
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throat, where infection usually occurs ; but it may gain entrance to the
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2. The pulse rate begins to fall decidedly in thirty seconds, but
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left him disconcerted and embarrassed. One of his choicest
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by sulphur fumes. Whilst this may do no great harm to
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particularly among soldiers in the field (amounting to 70 or even 80 per
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move the patient from his unfortunate surroundings rather than to ply
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latter process, for it ia not below the point which exists in sleep, the
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of their linings and walls through the lymphatic and venous systems
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hospital and private practice, will also be found upon these pages.
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by cutting it into segments, and her trouble soon subsided.
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■■ They, the clitiue. hope to Itring about a break between the Asso-
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driven from organs in which stasis and accumulation of red and white
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From this its active principle, bromelin, takes its name. We
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linen sheets, or at least linen tablecloths (or even old and well-worn
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in the oyster itself. Oysters caused typhoid in 14 persons in 6 families
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the admixture of brain or cord, invariably caused fatal teta-
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-Arthur C. Hendrick. Gynecology: F. W. .Marlow. W. B.
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2. I'niversity nf ^lichigan Ilonieoj.atliic Medical Sc]i«ol.
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^ For the diagnosis of this condition tlie reader is referred to the section on Hepatic
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tains after twenty-four hours' fermentation about 18 alcohol,
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so easily regain conditions where nature might restore them,
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being plainly printed on the wrapper. Many good people
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matism, particularly in children and young adults, small subcutaneous
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exact nature of this disease in cattle, and at the present day the subject
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in our times of those conditions named by Plato in his i)iali>gnrs
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laws of true science as we see them to-day, to look for hope
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bacilli by drying them, pounding them in a mortar, and then
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solid areas ])assed otf into ('(Hisididated lobular districts and in
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