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small-pox. This is the more remarkable, inasmuch as small-
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fibrous layers. There is a bony enlargement of the posterior
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preserve the anterior portion of the foot, by performing a resection
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2nd edition, 1886. 10. Idem. Philosophical Transactions, Part II. 1884. 11. Idem.
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those who find good results also report its successful application
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fore leaving Paris for Switzerland, made a number of calls on
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guests from other States, and your program shows an array of
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again. Many undergo no change in size or appearance for
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Nux Vo^nica. Trembling of the limbs, and spasmodic twitching of
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this peculiar body is not clearly understood, but it is supposed
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houses. The duties of the board were greatly increased early in
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every second day, desisting from dilatations so soon
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containing calcareous matter in a molecular form. These produc-
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trying to increase systemic oxygen delivery, possibly with the
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introduced till 1637; but students were required to speak
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Treatment. — For few diseases have so many specific remedies been
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ness of giving a mixed diet composed of hashed meat,
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characteristic odour. ' But, without the aid of a high
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ceeding paragraph, says, "they are shorter and less numerous in ike stomach
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(b) Anthrax Edema. — In a certain proportion of the cases the systemic
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In the typical, shallow, epitheliomatous ulcer the growth of
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plicated with pericarditis and pneumonia), varied between twelve and fifty-
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getic oxidizing properties of the chlorinated lime. The fact that it
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Our author enumerates a variety of diseases and temporary
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les aflfections du membre infferieur; nouvel appareil pour
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shoulder, although we had noticed creaking in the joint three
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count of the danger of perforating the canal, injuring an adjacent vessel
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even though she suckle it while it has venereal ulcers of the lips and
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of supracortical adhesions resulting from the former subdural hemor-
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that such local diseases as tonsilitis, pharyngitis and inflamma-
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(Cramer), gallstones and beans and peas (Fleiner), (such bodies may
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the distance ! He's near ! — with shaking neck and dancing nostrils and
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than at others, being particularly felt in Colombo m those months
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der at 12.30 P.M. After the reading of the minutes of
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able for use by hospitals for recording and statistical purposes.
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of influencing aberrant paths of the excitation wave in a manner be-
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(1850, p. 521, and 1851, pp. 236 and 383), by Mr. Holmes Coote. See also Dr.
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Eberth's bacillus had formed a nidus which led to the formation
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above-named symptoms were increased. It was supposed to
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insatiable, sometimes none at all ; and irregular bowels.
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