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cutaneous secretion. The physician who advises an asthmatic
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Eczema of Adults. — As might be expected, eczema in adults
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of Morvan's disease after exposure to the action of radium dur-
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organic and inorganic material in the saline .solution. The strength
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megaloblastic anemia secondary to folate deficiency on a
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and extended to the region of the bladder. Thirteen days after the injury the
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Turpentine. — Horses and cattle, 1 to 3 oz. ; sheep, 1
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of originally circinate arrangement ; and, secondly, by gradual peri-
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Both from the outer root and from the hippocampal re-
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will at other times prevent the bony union of the fragments. While
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he was seized with " cramps " in chest and abdomen, and soon
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Vriicb. zapiski, Mosk., 1898, V, 10; 39.— Verchere (F.) Sur
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yet the resulting fourfold individual is imperfectly formed, contract into
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Dr William Russell said they were all, of course, impressed with
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£270 per annum, there will be no great crowd of applicants.
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increased diarrhoea and rise of temperature after the
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described as a relapse. The following was a case in point in the prac-
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Background: Several authors have suggested that in-
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brought into requisition for restraining bleeding from torn amd
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sity School of Medicine, 1402 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO