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pensions assessniont. The Board consists of three medical men,

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the changes belonging to morbid anatomy, and of the known morbid con-

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of chronic bronchitis are more or less applicable in the case of bronchi-

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parts of the State than in New York. On July 27, for

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disk revolving by connection with the machinery that works the dynamo,

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idonium is often in direct conformity with this theory. Most of

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eral cases. In both the cases reported by Englisch some

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Experimentelle Untersucbungen iiber den Einfluss gewis-

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From observations on healthy persons, Dr. Wm. Ogle deduced the fol-

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the remedy, and these cases do not fall back into the

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not without extension, and Hueter discarding exten-

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various authors up to date shows Bottini's operation to have had the lowest

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of "superior and inferior polioencephalitis and anterior poHomyelitis."

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cation of the American Medical Association. The medical public should, there-

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did not believe that any ajjparel, which was thus loose,

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like in character and are inert. This reaction will be studied more in detail.

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putated the little, ring, and middle fingers of his right hand. The

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fifteen cases of diarrhoea, cases mostly in children, and the anti-

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through the same agency, will obtain a like honorable distinction.

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ancients called the placenta its " lungs/'' or^ finally^ by the death of

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had the desired effect of diminishing considerably the size of the tumour. The pedicle

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Deflnition.— Clonorcbiosis is the invasion of the bile-ducts with

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ber of small cup-like elevations, having the appearance of little bags,

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gauze soaked in peroxide and afterwards exposed to the sun and air. For three

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remember that many tuberculous joints have been cured by

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occurs as a rule between the sixth and tenth weeks. (See "Ectopic

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gradually effaced as the secretion reaccumulates, and suddenly reappear

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in the Bay of Suez. 9. The Desmazieres Prize has been

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life. Its life cannot be indefinitely lengthened by the

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Diphtheria Bacilli in Urine (Giomale ddla R. Accad. di Med. di

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without whom it would be impossible to carry on hospital adminis-

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diphtheria ; also, that there is a disease occurring in cows

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temperature remained persistently elevated during the next twelve days,

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of J. P. Cook and Ann Palmer (Reg. v. Palmer, C.C.C., May 1856), an applica-

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